Emergency Balance Code 2023 For All Sims

How to take the emergency balance from all sims? Read these step-by-step methods to learn about Emergency Balance Code 2023 for all sims. Today we will share the emergency balance code for all sims 2022.

Please read this article till the end. To get the emergency balance from your SIM, dial an emergency balance code of Teletalk, Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, and Banglalink.

What is the emergency balance?

Mobile phone providers have introduced an emergency balance feature so that customers can use data for calls or SMS even if their mobile balance is zero or low.

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Emergency Balance Code 2022

You can get the emergency balance by dialing a specific emergency balance code per their operator. Let’s know how to take the emergency balance on any SIM.

Operator Name Emergency Balance Code 2022
Grameenphone *9#
Teletalk *1122#
Banglalink *874#
Robi *123*007#
Airtel *141#

Grameenphone Emergency Balance Code

To get an emergency balance on Grameenphone dial users dial for *121*1*3# or *9#.

grameenphone emergency balance code
Grameenphone Emergency Balance Code

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Skitto Emergency Balance Code

Users need to download or install the Skitto app to get the emergency balance in Skitto SIM. There is no USSD code to get an emergency load for Skitto users.

Skitto Emergency Balance Code
Skitto Emergency Balance Code

Robi Emergency Balance Code

To avail of the Robi Emergency Balance, you need to dial *123*007# (Free of Charge). You will be able to check the Jhotpot Balance amount by dialing *1# or *222# (Free of charge).

Emergency Balance Robi Code
emergency balance robi

You can check your Outstanding Balance (Balance that is not paid after taking Jhotpot Balance) by dialing *8# and then going to the Account menu and Pressing 1 to check Outstanding Balance.

Airtel Emergency Balance Code

All eligible customers can avail of Airtel emergency balance service instantly. You can now take emergency balance, data & minutes by just dialing *141# or *8#.

Airtel Emergency Balance Code
Airtel Emergency Balance

Airtel Emergency Balance Code List

Loan Detail Service Fee (Tk.) Total (Tk.)
Loan 12 TK 2.67 14.67
Loan 15 TK 2.67 17.67
Loan 22 TK 2.67 24.67
Loan 25 TK 2.67 27.67
Loan 32 TK 2.67 34.67
Loan 50 TK 2.67 52.67
Loan 100 TK 2.67 102.67

Airtel Voice Minutes Loan Code List

Price Any Net Minutes Validity
5 Tk 5 4 hours
8 Tk 10 5 hours
13 Tk 15 16 hours
20 Tk 25 24 hours
26 Tk 35 24 hours
36 Tk 50 2 days
53 Tk 75 7 days

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code 2022

Up to 200 Tk emergency balance by dialing code *874# in Banglalink. Dial *874*0# or *121*1# to check the status of BL emergency loans for all Prepaid users.

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code

Also, Banglalink introduces an Emergency Internet service, dial *875# emergency internet code to avail of this service & *875*0# to check Banglalink’s emergency internet balance.

Teletalk Emergency Balance Code 2022

Dial *1122# for Emergency Balance on Teletalk. For more information on the Teletalk emergency balance service. Check their official statement about the emergency balance loan amount and service fees.

Emergency Balance Code Teletalk
Teletalk Emergency Balance Code

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How to get the emergency balance on your SIM?

If you have any questions about how to get the emergency balance on your SIM? You can check your matched answers below.

How can I take emergency balance in Grameenphone?

Emergency Balance is completely free of charge for Grameenphone subscribers. No subscription fee or charges are applicable for availing of the Emergency balance.
To avail of the Emergency Balance, customers need to dial *9# (Free of Charge)

How can I get emergency balance in Airtel?

You can now take emergency balance, data & minutes by just dialing *141# or *8#.

How can I get emergency balance in Robi?

All eligible Robi prepaid customers can avail of Robi jhotpot emergency balance service instantly by dialing Robi Emergency Balance code — *123*007#

How can I get Teletalk Emergency Balance?

To get a Teletalk emergency balance, please dial *1122# or, SMS “Loan” and send it to 1122. SMS Charge for requesting a loan to 1122 short code is free.

How can I get Banglalink emergency balance?

You can get a maximum emergency main balance up to Tk.200 by dialing *874# based on your usage.

How do I get emergency loan in Skitto?

You can very quickly avail emergency loan of Tk. 20 from your Skitto app. Log on to the app and swipe the bottom bars to locate the ‘emergency loan’ option and follow the steps below: Emergency loan in Skitto?

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