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How to Solve Error 0x80248007

How to solve error 0x80248007 | If you are facing this 0x80248007 error law. You should Renew the Windows Update service. Because It means, Your device is missing important security and quality fixes.

How to Solve Error 0x80248007

How to solve error 0x80248007

First of all, Stopping the Windows Update service, deleting the temporary update files, and resuming the service again can also help you. You’ll delete any temporary files that might be the malefactor of this issue, and thus Windows Update will be suitable to do without any problems. Note that you’ll need to be logged on as an administrator to be suitable to perform the way.

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  • 1. Press the Windows Key+R. Then, Type services.msc and Click OK.
  • 2. In the Services window, find the Windows Update or Automatic Updates, depending on your interpretation of Windows, right-click it, and choose to Stop from the menu.
  • 3. Using File Explorer navigate to the partition or drive where Windows is installed. Generally, this will be the C: Drive.
  • 4. Open the Windows folder, and the SoftwareDistribution folder inside.
  • 5. Find out the DataStore folder, and delete everything inside. However, give confirmation, If you get UAC feedback.
  • 6. Go back over to the SoftwareDistribution folder, open the Download folder and cross(delete) everything here as well. Give confirmation if you get UAC feedback, and close the window.
  • 7. Follow lines 1 and 2 to get to the Services window again.
  • 8. Find Windows Update or Automatic Updates, right-click it and choose Start from the setting menu.
  • 9. Now test, and it should work fine.

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