How to Stop Promotional SMS in 2024

How to stop promotional SMS? This post will show you how to turn off promotional SMS for all SIMs. We will look at how to turn off promotional messages.

Mobile operators send SMS messages to inform customers about new packages and services. Many people get annoyed by these frequent messages. However, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has announced a way to stop such promotional messages. The BTRC has come up with a way to stop all kinds of promotional messages from telecom companies.

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How to Stop Promotional SMS in 2024

You can stop receiving promotional SMS messages on your mobile phone by using the Do Not Disturb (DND) service. This post provides instructions on how to stop receiving promotional messages on your mobile phone in Bangladesh.

Stop Promotional Messages

Follow the instructions to stop unwanted promotional SMS from different telecom operators. For operators like Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk, specific USSD codes are provided to disable or re-enable promotional messages.

Dialing these USSD codes can activate the DND service and stop promotional SMS. After dialing these codes, they can get rid of annoying promotional SMS from the operator.

  1. Grameenphone subscribers by dialing *121*1101#,
  2. Banglalink subscribers by dialing *121*8*6#,
  3. Robi subscribers by dialing *7#,
  4. Airtel subscribers by dialing *7#,
  5. Teletalk subscribers by dialing *155#.

If you don’t want to receive promotional SMS on your mobile phone, you can dial the following short number and stop the promotional SMS service forever.

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How To Stop GP Promotional SMS

Grameenphone users can close the promotional message by dialing *121*1101#. If you want to re-activate the promotional message service or need to know any promotional message then dial this USSD code *121*1102#.

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Do Not Disturb is a service for GP customers enabled upon customers’ request to restrict receiving unwanted promotional Calls and SMS from Grameenphone.

  • To activate DND service dial *121*1101#
  • To deactivate DND service dial *121*1102#
  • To check the DND service status dial *121*1103#
  • Maximum 3 calendar days required to activate/deactivate DND service from the requested date
  • DND service will restrict only promotional SMS & Calls of GP. Apart from GP, other promotional calls/SMS will not be restricted

If you continue to receive unwanted messages after dialing this code, call Customer Care. They will turn off the promotional message options.

Source: Do Not Disturb (DND)

How To Stop Banglalink Promotional SMS

To start or stop getting all promotional SMS from Banglalink please dial *121*8*6# and follow the instructions.

Banglalink users can turn off the offer message option by sending a message. Follow these steps to turn off the offer message on the Banglalink sim.

  • By dialing *121*8*6# Or,
  • Go to the message option and type OFF
  • Then send a message to 6121

There is no charge for your SIM for sending this message.

How To Stop Robi Promotional SMS

To subscribe to the DND service, dial 7# (free) which will help you to stop promotional SMS from Robi SIM. Subscribers can opt out of this DND service by dialing the same code (7#).

To stop promotional messages on Robi SIM:

  • First, dial the code *7#
  • Then reply by typing 2.
  • This will stop annoying messages from your Robi SIM.

Similarly, if you reply by dialing *7# and typing 1, all promotional messages on Robi SIM will be restarted.

How To Stop Airtel Promotional SMS

As we know, Airtel and Robi are now jointly owned and operated. Thus, the promotional messages received on Airtel SIM are often blocked by the above process. That is, dial *7#, then press 2 and reply.

Similarly, if you reply by dialing *7# and typing 1, all the promotional SMS of Airtel SIM will be reactivated.

How To Stop Teletalk Promotional SMS

From now on you can turn off Teletalk Promotional SMS. Just dial *155#, then reply by typing 1. This will stop getting offer SMS from your Teletalk SIM.

How To Turn Off Promotional SMS

You must dial these codes to block all types of promotional messages. If you want to turn off promotional messages on your phone, see the USSD dialing codes below.

To stop promotional messages, you can dial Grameenphone 1211101#, Banglalink 1218*6#, Teletalk *155# and Robi and Airtel *7#.

How to stop promotional messages
▪ Then type 2
▪ Then type 2
▪ Then type 2
▪ Then type 1

How To Turn On Promotional SMS

To get GP’s offer message dial *121*1102#. From Banglalink SIM, dial *121*8*6#, then reply by typing 1 to turn on the promotional message. Robi and Airtel Sim Owners please dial *7# and type 3 to get the offer message. Teletalk subscribers, dial *155# and reply by typing 2 to activate their offer message.

If you want to turn on the offer message on your phone, see the USSD dial codes below.

How to turn on promotional messages
▪ Then type 1.
▪ Then type 3.
▪ Then type 3.
▪ Then type 2.


How to Stop Disturbing Promotional SMS?

To stop promotional messages, users can dial  *121*1101# on Grameenphone, *121*8*6# on Banglalink, *155# on Teletalk, and *7# on Robi and Airtel.

How to stop GP promotional SMS?

  1. To activate DND service dial *121*1101#
  2. To deactivate DND service dial *121*1102#
  3. To check the DND service status dial *121*1103#

If problems persist, there are customer support options available for you to contact. Remember to dial the correct USSD code for your specific carrier to effectively manage and stop promotional messages.

And if you benefited from this post, be sure to share it with your friends. Did you stop promotional messages on your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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